In remembrance of Bill Cunningham, a true fashion icon and New York Times photographer, our Curator of Fashion Design, Dennita Sewell would like to share a special photo and personal note that Mr. Cunningham hand delivered to her in 1995, while she was working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mr. Cunningham photographed Dennita at the Costume Institute's opening gala for Orientalism: Visions of The East in Western Dress. Bill was impressed by that jacket Dennita was wearing which she made and modeled after Christian Dior's "New Look."

Here is what the note Bill wrote to Dennita (written on the back of the image below) says:

Dear Dennita,
What a joy seeing the results of your work. Dior would have approved of the tailoring. The pattern matching on the seams...the shape of your jacket and most of all the refinement. The further we get from the 1947 new look the more people seem to exaggerate and vulgarize what was so elegant and refined in Dior’s original. You have captured all that Dior presented.
If you kids have time, I would enjoy a fashion table lunch at your museum lunch room. Call and leave a message when it would be convenient. I was sorry the paper did not use this print but they try not to use photos of people looking in the camera lens.
Best regards,