For the ACI 2nd Wednesday Luncheon and Lecture on October 14th, Thea Porter and Bohemian Chic is the focus. Consulting fashion writer, historian, and expert Laura McLaws Helms will be giving us a closer look into Thea Porter's iconic style and its influence upon fashion. Thea Porter is best known for bringing the Bohemian look to the streets of London, eventually spreading this trend to all fashion capitals. Here are five facts that give you a closer look on the hippie chic queen herself!

1. Faye Dunaway, Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Tate, and Rudolf Nureyev all named Thea Porter as one of their favorite designers.

2. Pink Floyd's debut album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn", 1967 features three Thea Porter jackets as she was a friend and coveted stylist for the band.

3. Being born in Jerusalem, raised in Damascus, and spending a lot of time in Beirut, Thea Porter was able to integrate the middle eastern culture into high fashion by designing her own takes on caftans, voluminous robes, and other intricate pieces rich with textures and designs reflective of where she grew up.

4. Thea Porter initially designed interiors and sold them out of her store on Soho's Greek Street. She sold curtains, furnishings, and wall hangings, her big clients being The Beatles, decorating their entire store Apple Boutique with Thea Porter. 

5. Reviving the boho look a few years back, celebrities and fashion icons alike such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller sport the coveted designer, her pieces more sought after now than ever.