For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we bring you Dennita Sewell's first Steele galley exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. The Garden of Eden (2002) answered the question “Why do we wear clothes?” in an ethereal vision consisting of flowers, animals, and landscape through fashion. The influence that nature had on these textiles, textures, and shapes of pieces emulated and captured the beauty only attainable through the natural world. 

Marc Jacobs envisioned a woman walking through a meadow, and honeysuckle, butterflies, and fritillaries accentuate a coat and boots seemingly grown from a garden. Bill Blass and Dolce & Gabbana construct ensembles with homage to jungle animals, along with Pauline Trigere, Diane von Furstenberg, and Tom Ford, designers inspired by the easiness of turtles and giraffes. These ensembles, along with the many other pieces of clothing, accessories, and shoes effortlessly fabricated the Garden of Eden at the Phoenix Art Museum, and foreshadowed only great things in regards of what was to come for the Fashion Design Department with Dennita.  Check out the pieces mentioned, along with other pictures from the Garden of Eden below. 

Photo Credit: Ken Howie