Rachel Chada is one of our newest ACI members at the Nouveau level. She’s a junior at ASU with too many majors/minors to say without sounding obnoxious. You may have noticed her looking incredibly chic at the manicure themed Second Wednesday program and the opening reception for Fashioned in America.

Learn more about Rachel by following her blog and her Instagram @checklisttheblog.

Who is your favorite designer

Man, I've been pouring over this can I choose just one!? When I was like 12, I would go around telling people I would work for Diane Von Furstenburg one day. I still dig the wrap-dress queen, but I'm much more of a YSL girl now. I'm also obsessed with Prada's eyewear line (maybe one day I'll have the mulah to match the taste...)

How would you describe your style

Basically, it's however I'm feeling that day, but if I had to pin it down, I guess I'd say: fairly minimal, attempts at being edgy, very neutral-heavy, with occasional moments of boho chic. So, pretty random...

 Do you have a favorite item of clothing or accessory?-If so, what is it and why is it your favorite

It has to be a tie between my killer snake bracelet from Morocco for sentimentality and funkiness & a new (to me) pair of heels from Buffalo Exchange for sheer impracticality. 

 Where is your favorite place to shop in the valley

True to my love for Spain, I find myself back in the Zara at Fashion Square all too often. 

 Glam or casual

Normally I'd go with casual, but I have been caught lounging around the house in my favorite BCBG gown just for funzies... 

 Kate Moss or Giselle

Neither- Cara Delevingne all the way. I mean, those eyebrows. 

 Vintage or new

Definitely vintage. I'm guilty of having my grandmother ask around her retirement community for any vintage clothes people wanted to get rid of...actually, a very successful technique.